OPEN FRIDAY and SATURDAY December 17th and 18th  4:00pm

 Join us for our 2021 Dinner Finale!    RICHMOND'S "TWO FOR $40.00" DINNER SPECIAL ! 

Starting at 4:00pm   Reservations Encouraged    Please call 401 364 9292 for your reservation or to place your order

All Dinner Meals will include Chef's Choice Appetizers and Dessert

RI Clam Chowder or Corn Chowder or House Salad,

On the Lighter Side - Richmond Burger or Cheeseburger, Chipotli Ranch Chicken Sandwich, The Richmond Cowboy Burger, Fish and Chips and House Salad or House Salad with Chicken 

 SPECIAL DINNER ENTREES - Include Chef's Choice Appetizers, Entrees served Roast Prime Rib ($4.00 extra charge),  Richmond's Mixed Grill, Seafood Marinara, Baked Scrod, Sirloin Steak and Fried Oysters.  Dessert included.


Children's menus available