Terms & Conditions

A $500.00 deposit is required at the time you secure your Wedding Date.  An additional $500.00 deposit is due three months prior to your scheduled event.  Both deposits will be applied to your invoice.  In case of cancellation, the deposits are non-refundable.  Your Coordinator will discuss any minimum spending requirement policies that may be in effect for the date you have chosen.

In arranging your function, the estimated attendance must be specified at the time of reservation.  Prior to the printing of your invitations, please contact us regarding your meal selection(s).   Approximately one month prior to your function, your Coordinator will contact you to discuss your estimated numbers, final details & schedule of events for your special day.  At this time, an invoice will be prepared based on your estimated numbers and a 50% down payment will be due.  Please note that your deposits will be applied to this 50% down payment.

Two weeks prior to your special event, we will arrange a final appointment.  At this time your guaranteed final count is due. We will prepare an estimated bill based on your guaranteed numbers and payment is due at this time.  Please make payment in the form of a personal or cashier’s check (Richmond Country Club does not accept credit card payments for functions).  We will review your seating requirements, which will also be due at this time, guest and wedding party arrival time, cocktail time allowance and time we will be serving dinner.  We will also set a time for you to deliver any items relating to your function such as seating cards, guest book and pen, toast glasses and cake knife, card basket, etc. Arrangements will be made for the delivery of flowers, bakery items and your entertainment. A final itemized bill will be presented at the end of your special event.  This final bill will reflect any additional meals, bar charges, etc. that you may incur on that day.  Please plan to take care of any balance due at that time.